Hello & welcome to Cornwall Surf Academies’ – Home Education Group page

Cornwall Surf Academy have been holding classes for home educated students since 2016. It’s held Thursdays, 1pm at Holywell Bay all home educated students are welcome to either come and take part or just see what’s going on.

Primarily we surf, but we occasionally go coasteering or play team games such as NERF wars, along with other beach activities. Our aim is to develop the students water awareness, coaching them on all aspects associated with surfing from its history to wave formation and water safety.

The short clip was from the first session we ever ran and we were really pleased with not only the students advancing surfing skills, but also how their progression as individuals and the formation of lasting friendships 

If you’d like to get involved or more information please e mail info@cornwallsurfacademy. You can also visit our facebook page cornwallsurfacademy (Go with the flow) which includes pictures and videos from some of the sessions


” Having been the mad person who decided a surf group would be beneficial for a lot of kids I’d like to say the following. We took our 14 year old son out of school to home educate for a bit due to a series of problems in school. He was at a loss for something to join that he liked and so I suggested to some other parents that we start a surf group. The amazing people at Cornwall surf academy bit the bait and the result is that I now have a son who can surf, is a lot safer in the water, has found some role models in the instructor team and is now a member of Polzeath surf life saving club. He is a more confident young man with what will be a life long interest and skill.

Thank you Cornwall Surf Academy”

Val G